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8 Fantastic Volleyball Hitting Drills And 2 Exercises ...

Hitting in volleyball is the act of offensively attacking the ball to make it difficult or impossible for your opponent to play the ball. You are trying to end the rally by killing the ball on their side of the court.

Volleyball Hitting Tips - 4 Components to Successful Attacks

Volleyball hitting techniques are often the hardest skills to master when it comes to learning beach volleyball. Consistent approach, armswing, vision, and spiking with deception are keys to successful hitting on the beach.

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How to Hit a Volleyball

Learning how to hit a volleyball is not only important for success, but also a ton of fun. Volleyball skills for attacking consists of 4 parts... 1. The approach The purpose of the approach is to position your body in the air ready to hit. 2. The take-off Develop volleyball skills to quickly get off the ground using both legs to jump. The shorter the ground contact time is on the last two steps of the approach the more elastic energy you can utilize for exploding high.

Volleyball hitting drills - The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Volleyball Hitting Drills From adjusting technique to hitting different shots to teaching players how to bring the heat, you'll find all of the hitting drills you need.

Volleyball Hitting Drills and Technique

Volleyball hitting drills are some of the most fun drills players can do to become better at playing volleyball. When first learning how to play, it's a good idea to train players the correct way to approach, jump, and hit because it's much harder to change habit once it's developed. Volleyball Hitting Drills for High Contact

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The 15 Volleyball Hits All Players Must Know

The 15 Volleyball Hits All Players Must Know. The basic goal of volleyball is to ensure the ball ends up on the opponent side of the net. While unforced errors like hitting the ball out of bounds can result in a positive result, the only way to control a volleyball match is by getting the ball to the floor of the opponent.

Best Hitting Drills for Volleyball - Top Volleyball Drills ...

We all know that the game of volleyball is a fast pace game, and if you’re not moving and communicating then you won’t get very far. Furthermore, it teaches players who are hitting in the back row to always properly approach for a back-row attack instead of coming straight up and down for a hit.

Volleyball Hitting Terms | Terms for Volleyball Offense | Plays

Volleyball Hitting Terms - Combination Offensive Plays. Tandem: When one player follows behind another player when going to attack. This causes confusion among the opponents because they have to choose which attacker to stay with.