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Rules of table tennis (Laws)— Table Tennis England

Rules of table tennis (Laws) The Laws of Table Tennis. Table Tennis England’s Articles provide that (unless otherwise decided by special resolution... Regulations for Competitions. ITTF regulates international competitions. It publishes Regulations for International... Attachments.


Teachers Award Resources TABLE TENNIS RULES 2 TABLE TENNIS RULES SCORING •A match is played as the best of 1, 3 or 5 games •For each game, the first player to reach 11 points wins the game. However a game must be won by at least a 2 point margin •A point is scored at the end of each rally •The edges of the table (but not the sides) are part of the legal table surface A GOOD SERVE

Table tennis scoring, rules and officials - Table tennis ...

Rules To start a point, the server must stand at the back of the table and can serve either forehand or backhand. The ball... If the ball hits the net on a serve but continues over the other side then a 'let' is played. Players are allowed to hit the ball around the side of the net. The ball must ...

The basic rules of Table Tennis - the aim of the game is simple

The Basic Rules of Table Tennis The aim of the game is simple; hit the ball over the net onto your opponent’s side. A point is won by you if your opponent is unable to return the ball to your side of the table (e.g. they miss the ball, they hit the ball but it misses your side of the table, or the ball hits the net), or if they hit the ball before it bounces on their side of the table.

Table Tennis Rules and Regulations UK | Basic Ping Pong

You are not allowed to volley or obstruct the ball in table tennis. Any double hit results in the point getting awarded to your opponent. The basic rules of table tennis UK and official regulations are clear on this ruling. They state that the edges of the table (lines) are 'in play' but the flat part at the side is not.

The 5 Basic Rules Of Playing Table Tennis

4. The Ball Must Be Held In A Flat Palm Above The Table. When preparing to serve, you need to hold the ball flat in the palm of your hand and above the table – all in order to ensure that the opponent and the umpire can clearly see it as well as the direction in which it is thrown (held). 5. Rubber Colors.

Table Tennis Rules and Regulations

Service Rules The service must start with the ball in an open palm. This stops you from throwing it up with spin. The ball must be thrown vertically, at least 16 cm. This stops you from serving straight out of your hand and surprising... The ball must be above and behind the table throughout the ...

Rules of Table Tennis

The Rule At the beginning of the serve, the ball is placed on the palm that is not holding the racket. The palm needs to be open... The player must throw the ball vertically upwards by hand, not to rotate the ball. The ball needs to go up to a distance... When the ball descends from the highest ...