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But for those of you wanting to understand more about youth soccer, let’s start by looking at what the positions are in youth soccer? Youth soccer positions and numbers are: 1– Goalkeeper (GK) 2– Right Back (RB) 3– Left Back (LB) 4– Right Side Center Back (RCB) 5– Left Side Center Back (LCB) 6– Defensive Midfielder (DM)

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Being a forward is probably the most popular position in soccer, especially for young kids. It’s important to know however that not everyone is cut out for it. Below are the main skills and attributes a forward will need for a basic level of success:

Youth Soccer Positions - How to Teach, Coach, Assign

Keep your best players in the "Center" positions (Center Fullback, Stopper, Center Midfield, Center Forward). The team that controls the Center usually wins. The team that controls the Center usually wins.

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Learn Soccer Field Positions. Help your little one learn the World's fastest growing sport. As The Littlest Leaguers prepare your future World Cup Champion f...

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Defenders. The defender positions, or fullbacks, in soccer play closest to their own goal and are tasked with stopping the other team from scoring. Defenders must be strong and aggressive. They don't need to dribble as well as other positions, but they do need to be able to tackle well.

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Defensive Soccer Positions. 1 – Goalkeeper (GK): Usually the last line of defense to stop the opponent from scoring, this player protects the net. Also known as the keeper or goalie, this is the only player allowed to use their hands and arms to block shots and pick up the ball while the game’s in play.

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Basic Soccer Position Terms. Backs – Refers to defenders. Defender – A player who works mainly in the defensive third of the field. They are primarily focused on stopping the opposition’s attackers from scoring. Forward – A player who is responsible for most of a team's scoring.

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The positions will be broken into 3 categories. To check out any of these positions, just click on the link below. 1. Defensive Positions 2. Midfield Positions 3. Attacking Positions Remember not to worry too much about formations until youth players reach the age of about 8 or 9. Player development is the key!