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SOLUTION: The height of a soccer ball that is kicked from the ...

y = -16x^2 + 80x. where y is the height of the soccer ball in feet x seconds after it is kicked. . Find the time it takes the soccer ball to reach its maximum height: seconds. Vertex of parabola is the max. Time when it hits the max is at the "axis of symmetry": x = -b/ (2a) x = -80/ (2 (-16)) x = -40/ (-16)

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SOLUTION: A soccer ball is kicked from the goal crease. The ...

A soccer ball is kicked from the goal crease. The ball travels along the path modelled by the equation h=-.05d^2+3d, where h is the height of the ball in meters and d is the horizontal distance in meters. a) How far does the ball travel horizontally? The height is zero when the ball hits the ground. Solve-0.05d^2 + 3d = 0 Factor:-d(0.05d - 3) = 0

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A soccer ball is kicked from a height of 1.2 m. After 3 seconds, the ball reaches its maximum height of 18 m. Determine the quadratic function that models the height of the soccer ball, knowing that it lands on the ground after 6 seconds. USING TECHNOLOGY Quadratic Regression: https://binged.it/2mgcQMc

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5-3 Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing and Factoring 333 When a soccer ball is kicked into the air, how long will the ball take to hit the ground? The height h in feet of the ball after t seconds can be modeled by the quadratic function h (t) = -16 t 2 + 32t. In this situation, the value of the function represents the height of the soccer ball.

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Graphical Representation of a Quadratic Equation. A quadratic equation usually has two distinct solutions –the points where it crosses the x-axis; in a real-world sports scenario these would correspond to the following points – the point where the ball started from and the point where it would hit the ground, or go through the net, or be caught – depending on the sport.

1. Solve by factoring. 2. Solve by the quadratic formula.

A soccer ball is kicked from the ground with an initial upward velocity of 90 feet —16t2 + 90t gives the height h of the ball after per second. The equation h = t seconds. a. Find the maximum height of the ball. b. How many seconds will it take for the ball to reach the ground?

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D The soccer ball is kicked from an initial height of 5 meters. 2 An Internet company has found that its profit, P ( x ), is modeled by the function P ( x ) = –1.2 x 2 + 60 x + 300 where x represents the amount of money spent in dollars on

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Collect all the terms on one side of the equation. 5t² - 20t + 15 = 0 Remove a common factor of 5 from each term: 5(t² - 4t + 3) = 0 Divide each side by 5. t² - 4t + 3 = 0. Factor. (t - 1)( t-3) = 0 t - 1 = 0 or t-3 = 0 t = 1 or t = 3 Therefore, the soccer ball is at a height of 15 m twice: once on its way up, at 1 s, and once on its way down, at 3 s after the kick.