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Outdoor Volleyball Rules | Grass and Beach Volleyball Rules

Need at least 3 players each week consisting of at least 1 male and 1 female on the court; Two sets to 21 (win by two with a cap at 23). Each set will be recorded as wins and losses; Ball can be played off the net on a volley and on a serve; Maximum of 3 hits per side; No open hand tips; Block does not count as a touch; A ball hitting on the boundary line is in


When successful, players advance their way into the King’s Court. Upon losing a match or round, they start back at the beginning and work their way back up. This game rewards the stronger or advanced athletes or teams, but doesn’t take away opportunity from anyone.

King of the Court - Game

THE KING’S RULES. King of the court is played with a total of 5 teams, 2 will be in the field, the others will be waiting their turn outside the Court. There is a kingside of the court and a challengers side. Which team will start where is determined by the drawing of lots. Each rally will start with a serve from the team at the challengers side.

Volleyball Game: Winners (a.k.a. King/Queen of the court)

Requirements: Full court, 9+ players, 3 balls. Execution: Designate one side of the court the winners side. Have one team of three start there, with everyone else on the other side – the challenge side – with one team on and the rest waiting. The team on the challenge side serves, and the teams play out the rally.

King Of The Court - 8 players

At the end you see which individual player won the most, and that player is anointed King. It's a way to make an individual contest out of a doubles event. Below is a format that satisfies our basic requirements: each player must play on a team with each other player once, and must face each other player twice.

Volleyball Drill Classics: Queen of The Court

Get into teams and keep track of wins. Get a point for each win on the Queens side and play “first team to 10”. Enter the ball from a serve in the left back line (if missed, players on court stay, next server is up and player who missed goes to end of the line). Make the Queens side rotate after every win.

NET & COURT King/Queen of the court - Sport Australia

rally stays on the court and becomes King/Queen. The losing team leaves the court to be replaced by the next challenger. When a team beats the King/Queen, they move to the other side of the net to replace the King/Queen. Play with 3 teams of 4. SKILL DEVELOPMENT F-2 3-4 5-6 What you need > A suitable indoor or outdoor area > A mini volleyball court (14m x 7m) with a net at

King of the Court series - AVP Beach Volleyball

Learn about the King of the Court rules here. Along with the new match play and world-class volleyball, fans can enjoy the entire AVP experience with Sponsor Village, beats by DJ Roueche, the Kona Brewing Oasis and more.