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Answer (1 of 15): Buying a bat for tennis ball cricket is all about precision. The tennis ball cricket is basically shorter in version where teams play a 12-over/ 16-over/ 20-over game.

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Now most bats are made for light tennis cricket, you can identify one easily by the handle on them and the wood used. Light tennis ball cricket bats are usually made of poplar willow and use 'chapti' handle. But to pick the best hard tennis cricket bat you need a heavier bat made of kashmir willow.

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Remember heavy tennis hard balls absorbs moisture more than normal hard cork traditional cricket ball. It is recommended to have scuff sheets installed on these bats when playing with heavy tennis balls on grass surfaces. The scuff sheet will prevent moisture to get into the wood. Some of the bats already come installed with scuff sheets.

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Whenever playing or practicing cricket with a hard ball, you should have gloves, shin pads, thigh guards, abdominal guard, and a helmet with a facemask. If you are playing with a soft ball, you will only need gloves and a bat.

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To choose a cricket bat, look online or ask an associate at a sports supply store for a cricket bat sizing chart, and choose the length recommended for your height. For instance, if you’re between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall, your cricket bat should be 32.75 inches long.

The physics of cricket

Cricket balls are relatively stiff compared to say a tennis ball, and the contact time is shorter. A tennis ball spends 0.005 seconds in contact with the court or the strings of a racquet. A cricket ball spends about 0.001 seconds in contact with the pitch or in contact with a bat.

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Try getting these hard tennis balls they were the ones we used. You can probably find them cheaper elsewhere that was just the first link I found. You can put one layer of electrical tape on one side if you want to try and swing the ball. Also these balls spin very well. Overall you should be fine. Let me know if you have any more questions ...

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Our dual-purpose Kashmir Willow is the perfect bat for both tennis / rubber or leather ball cricket. Picked from the best Kashmir Willow clefts this bat features our modern innovations. Elevar Kashmir | Elevar Sports